Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Camilla JensenCamilla Jensen
Learning to drive with Sue Hawkins has been a great experience. The lessons have been fun, challenging and very rewarding. It was very important for me to find an instructor who was patient and calm, and who wouldn't make me feel uncomfortable if I made a mistake, and Sue is just that! Sue's knowledge and experience means that every lesson is taught thoroughly so you can feel yourself improving which Sue acknowledges and it is very rewarding, which is a great motivation. Sue's friendliness means that you can be relaxed in the car and enjoy the experience. This was also very important to me, as I ask a lot of questions and I wanted to be able to do this without being made to feel stupid. Sue is there to help and guide you through every step, which is very reassuring, however she also trains you to become more independent, and drive not as a learner, but as an experienced driver, which I find very important because it prepares you for when you will be driving on your own. When driving, you will come across different kinds of circumstances and environments, Sue prepares you for this by guiding you through all kinds of situations, which develops you as a driver and makes you feel safer when you experience them on your own, because you have done it before, so you can stay calm and confident. Lastly, Sue is very good at what she does and on top of this she is friendly and funny, which has made my driving experience very enjoyable, fun and memorable. Therefore I would strongly recommend Sue as a driving instructor for learners who want to become confident and safe drivers.